About Us

free clinic

Patient Care. Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic provides a medical home for primary care just like any family practitioner or internist treating chronic diseases. We treat patients with diabetes, hypertension, coronary disease, and depression. In addition to primary care services, we have a weekly on-site orthopedic clinic, a bi weekly dermatology clinic, a weekly gynecology clinic and a weekly psychiatry clinic. As necessary, we will refer our patients for free treatment at one of 19 off-site subspecialty offices. All the above resources are poised to meet the demands of the increasing numbers of patients who need our help.

Diagnostics. Roper St. Francis provides free labs, tests, and imaging with a 2015 in kind value of over $1.3 million.

A Medical Home with Case Management. Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic provides primary medical care by 34 volunteer doctors and 24 nurses. Key to the use of these services is Nurse Based Case Management, which helps the patient to make the most of our on-site primary medical care. Patients are listened to and supported through an on-going relationship with the Nurse Case Manager while they are educated about their medical needs, helped with managing their chronic illnesses and assured regular appointments, lab work, X-rays, and follow-up. When needed the Nurse Case Manager guides the patient to the 19 off site offices where free specialty care is provided.

Support. The clinic has  6 exam rooms, medical equipment, 31 volunteer physicians and 25 volunteer registered nurses, 17 volunteer interpreters and 25 volunteer medical office staff already trained and in place.

Operations. The clinic is open to see patients 5 days a week in 9 clinic shifts of 3-4 hours each with 2 to 3 physicians and nurses a shift. There are 59 physician patient contact hours per week. Clinic doctors prescribe low cost generic medications.  When needed, the clinic helps patients get free non-generic medications from the patient assistance programs of pharmaceutical companies.