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Should I Tell My Doctor I’m In An Abusive Relationship?

Categories: Blog, Health Check, Home Feature
  If you are experiencing domestic or partner violence, it is important to know how and where to seek help. Can you talk to your doctor about your situation without judgement or legal intervention? In most cases (barring child or elder abuse), discussing your experiences with your physician is confidential under HIPAA and may offer you …

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What To Do If You Have The Flu

Categories: Blog, Common Concerns
You’ve got the flu. Now what? While the flu vaccine significantly decreases your chances of catching the virus (as well as those around you – the CDC estimates that the vaccine prevents 40-60% of the general population from getting sick) it is still possible to get the flu. Symptoms of influenza can last for 1-2 …

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Easy New Year’s Resolutions

Categories: Blog, Health Check
Another New Year, another batch of promises you may be inclined to break by February. These simple and pragmatic adjustments to your daily routine and diet can actually be achieved with minimal effort – and become a lifelong habit by the time you tear off the next calendar page. Drink More…Water. Make a commitment to …

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