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Do I Really Need to Eat Fruits and Vegetables Every Day? Ask A Nutritionist.

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Should you really strive to consume fruits and vegetables each day? The answer is yes: Eating more fruits and vegetables may reduce chances of death. A new research study has found that eating two fruits and three vegetables a day may be enough to lower chances of death from heart disease, cancer, and lung illnesses …

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Surprising Facts about Free Clinics

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More than half of the US population will dip below the poverty line at some point before the age of 65. Many Americans may find themselves without health insurance at one point or another in life – which can be a very frightening experience. Whether a person is in between jobs; works without receiving employee …

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The Dignity of Health Care

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What does ‘health care for all’ mean? It starts with emphasizing dignity for those in our own community. As one of 1200 free and charitable clinics across the US, Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic is a nonprofit organization built up by those in the community, for the community. We run on the volunteer efforts of …

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