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Why Should I Drink More Water?

Categories: Blog, Common Concerns
Don’t Underestimate- Hydrate! We’re all a little guilty of passing up the daily recommended amount of water. Coffee drinks, sodas, alcohol, sweetened beverages and food often take the place of this vital element in its purest form. While water can indeed be found in many beverages and some of the nutrients we eat (like fruit …

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Dear Nurse Wanda: The Value of A Nurse

Categories: Blog, Dear Nurse Wanda
Charleston Cares Guest Blogger, Wanda Lefler, RN, is the Nurse Care Manager at Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic. Each month, she will offer her insight into patient care, health management – and the art of listening. If you have a medical question for Nurse Wanda, please e-mail your questions to Today, an inquiry arose about the value of …

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12 Healthy Late-Night Snacks

Categories: Blog, Health Check
It happens: You have a perfectly satisfying dinner, finish up some chores around the home or spend time with the family, and eventually settle in to watch your favorite program or the news. Hunger strikes. Could it be that watching the television triggers snack pangs? Could be. Perhaps you didn’t consume enough protein during the …

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I’m In an Abusive Relationship – Should I Tell My Doctor?

Categories: Blog, Health Check, Home Feature
  If you are experiencing domestic or partner violence, it is important to know how and where to seek help. Can you talk to your doctor about your situation without judgement or legal intervention? In most cases (barring child or elder abuse), discussing your experiences with your physician is confidential under HIPAA and may offer you …

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