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Skim Health 2.24.17

Categories: News, Other, Skim Health
Top health articles of interest circulating in the media this week, 2.24.17. When it comes to sustaining weight loss once achieved, a new study suggests that special programs designed for maintenance are critical for helping people keep pounds off. Through regular contact and support with an expert who discussed weight loss plans and the positive …

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Dr. Kateryna Shaforost Featured in Volunteer Spotlight

Categories: News, Volunteer Spotlight
Each month, BIFMC shines a spotlight on one of our many exceptional clinic volunteers. From medical staff to voluntary file clerks, Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic is able to provide a warm, caring and expert primary medical home to hundreds of uninsured patients. The residents and workers of our Lowcountry community are cared for and kept healthy due to the commitment …

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BIFMC Community Pillar Profile: Dr. Victor Agusta

Categories: BIFMC Pillar Profiles, Home Feature, News
While Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic counts its blessings to receive the voluntary time and dedication of a physician like Dr. Victor Agusta, he is fact is one of those rare humble spirits who considers the pleasure to be all his. “If the Clinic is the miracle,” wrote Barbara Burgess once for the Seabrook community …

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Medical Society of South Carolina Featured in ‘Donor Spotlight’

Categories: Donor Spotlight, Home Feature, News
Our clinic is able to operate and serve hundreds of uninsured patients who live or work on Johns, James and Wadmalaw Island – thanks to the good will and contribution of our donors. Each month, BIFMC will pay tribute to one of our many generous supporters who seek to improve the overall health and goodwill of the community. …

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